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Dragonfire Players say...

Lola, Player for 3 years says...
Dragonfire has become almost a second home for me.
The people here are family which I have come to love.
The diversity of the guilds and the numerous realms
to explore make this the ideal MUD for anyone searching
for something just a little bit different.

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Paloma, Player for 7 years says...
Beware, it's addicting. You come, you play, and life
as you know it is never the same.

Milestone, Player for 7 years says...
What can I say? As long as DF is up and running, I will
always come back. I have been to the 3Kingdoms and back
and still I like the home that DF has given me. You meet
people like no others and the wizards are not complete
dicks like most other muds. That makes a BIG difference
when me. All you have to do is spend one
good all-nighter and I swear you will be hooked like a poor
bitch on crack.

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Wolfe, Elder Wizard for 6 years says...
Created by Insane and Gifted wizards; Dragonfire will never
cease to surprise and entertain you. It is one of the best
lpmuds I have ever played on and coded on. Much thanks to
the people who keep the adventure of dragonfire alive.

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Varrak, Elder Wizard for 7 years says...
DragonFire is an old MUD from the Golden Age of MUDding
under new management after a several-year downtime. The mudlib
has been and will be continuously updated and enhanced by the
skilled team of Elders we now possess. DragonFire is somewhat
different than most 'modern' MUDs, but contains a great deal of
unique and interesting features that, in my mind, put it
head-and-shoulders above most other MUDs. Our wizards are
responsive to player needs. Don't be surprised if an idea
mailed to a staff member isn't coded up in the following week.
We are a small MUD, but looking to grow while still retaining
the small-mud qualities that keep life interesting...

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Stoner, Player for 8 years says...
In my years as a player at Dragonfire, I never thought that it would be the MUD that I keep coming back to --time and time again. Here, anything is possible. The things that may not happen in real life, becomes a reality here at DF. Over the years. I too have had my fair share of friends, enemies, and acquaintances. But, it's all in good fun. With the roleplaying involved, our imagination's the limit. Sometimes, Dragonfire becomes life in itself...
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Hurley, Player for 8 years says...
Eight years, wow,I've been here since its start in '92...
anyway, DF is wonderful experience, and a nice way to
escape reality occassionally. Give it a shot, and if I
happen to be around when you do, just ask me and I will
set you up right.

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Hunter, Player for 7 years says...
Words barely touch on doing justice to the experiences I
have had on Dragonfire, or the experiences that you could
have too. Df has that feeling, if ya know what I mean. Its
like you know it back to back.. it's your mud.. you just can't
get enough. I can honestly say that without discovering Df, I
would be a different person. It was and will be a major part
of everything i do.

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Nostradamus, Elder Wizard for 1 years says...
Since my experience with DF as a player is pretty much non-existant
I can only speak from a coders point of view. And what I would like
to say is that you have to search a _long_ time for a staff or a
playerbase that is as friendly, devoted and helpful as the one you'll
find on DF. I was immidiately accepted amongst the wizards and respected;
for that I'm very thankful. -+Nostradamus.

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Jomo, Player for 6 years says...
I've played alot of muds looking for the elements that
I've found on Dragonfire, and I've never found anything
with the same amount of flair. Other muds might have
more guilds, more areas, or be better balanced, but none
has the mood or the people.

In my years on DF, I was a devil for about 4 years.
Later on, I put my horns on a hanger and was a wolfling
for a while. Since then, I've bounced around from
guild to guild.. and even made a short return to devil
for a while.

To those of you that are newbies.. I suggest taking your
time and enjoying the scenery. Do a couple of quests you
wouldn't normally do, talk trash, make a fortune, become
a guild leader.. you can do it all on DF.

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Slugbait, Elder Wizard for 1 years says...
One fateful day in 1996, a friend of mine introduced me to mudding. It
was on an old dec terminal with a dying amber screen, soon to be
replaced with some screaming i386 machine the next year.

I thought to myself, "Self, this is stupid. I'll never play this
again." The next month my internet
bill was $250, and I switched from Compuserve to a different provider.
Never have I been so totally captured as when mudding entered my
world. I was an avid player on that mud for quite some time. But then
that mud grew too large, and all of the magic was gone-so I stopped
playing there.

During that time, three naughty wizards named Elfie, Fratari and Vawn
took me in, and made me a part of yet another mud. There we coded many
a night away as I learned my trade. Eventually in real life I went on
to become an actual programmer.

Then one day I was logging in to my two old muds and Elfie mentioned
that Dragonfire was up again. I
had only met Dragonfire once, briefly. I think that it was Vawn who
showed me connect-4 that day, but it was during the time in my life when
mudding wasn't as important to me.

I was interested in meeting again, so I logged in as a player. I made
the mistake of inquiring about
what it took to become a wizard here, and before I knew it I had
mentioned my coding experience. Poof!

So here I was, a new wizard on an old mud. What on earth could make me
stay here? Others have mentioned it, but I will say it
again....Dragonfire has a certain magic about it...a magic that my old
mud had lost in its growth. The people here aren't polluted with the
thousands of players who don't actually know what it is to play, or who
care about more than just gaining levels and quest cheating than living
the fantasy.

So here I have made my new home, and here I will lovingly try to craft
things for this world that has
snared me with it's magic, and the people here who make it live.


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Nina, Player for 1 years says...
Although I don't have much to compare Dragonfire to, I can say
that the players are helpful and friendly to the newbies, the monsters and
quests are challenging..and from what I hear the Pkilling is even more so(if
that's your scene). If you have a bit of time and half a brain you can move
on up the levels in decent time. The guilds are all varied and you can chose
one to suit your tastes. The Wizards here are gifted and are always using
their magic to improve things around here so that it's never static and
always interesting.

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Fratari, Elder Wizard for 6 years says...
I don't know what Slugbait is talking about... Elfie, Vawn and I weren't
that naughty... I was showed Dragonfire years ago by Elfie, then
Ahira, and became instantly addicted. I spent nearly the entire
first year of college logged on to Dragonfire at a school where
mudding was expressly prohibited, and I was too poor to afford my
own access. Wizzed out and learned from people like Vampire,
Castinamir, Trinicula and others. I'd been programming for
years, but it was my first experience with methodology and
syntax... 6 years later, I'm slinging code for a living; a good
one; and still have a warm fuzzy place in my heart for
Dragonfire... Its certainly been a tumuluous time, but Dfire is
still alive and kicking.


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