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The Ancient Dragonfire...

Dragonfire is back up and running, as for now
Varrak hasnt told me why it broke! But all i know
and care about, is that its back up and running
at: , or
Sorry, i know it sucked. It sucked for all of us.
The best thing we can do, is deal with it, and
let tell everyone we know that the new ip will ALWAYS
BE HERE. I'm sure i'll be playing dragonfire for years
to come, so the new ip etc etc will ALWAYS be posted here
from now on.

Dragonfire is a fantasy-based LP MUD
designed for the entertainment of all
who enjoy roleplaying--from the mild to
the fanatic.
Established in 1992, Dragonfire has and
always will be the best small mud around;
It's constantly evolving and improving to
meet the needs and requests of the players.
Dragonfire is the favorite of many, with
a loyal player base that return from
the biggest and best muds around time and
time again. The guilds and areas on Dragonfire
are the best; the most intense explorations and
the best companions you could meet are
just a click away...

Learn more from the players themselves..

Are you ready?....
Are you ready?....

Then come join us!

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