To: Bill Jameson

Well, first off let me say that if you're not expecting this letter, then you're the wrong person and you shouldnt read on. I wasnt 100% positive on your address but I felt confident.
So much to say... not sure how to say it. Kinda caught between a rock and a hard place. Honestly I wouldnt even be writing you, but I was almost positive you tried to visit me when I worked at Tuffy with your friend Jerry. Jerry didnt see you that day but he was dead sure it was you. So I guess your effort at least deserves a reply.
I guess I will take the rational approach, and assume there is some kind of remote excuse, or maybe even an extreme realization that slapped you upside the head. Not that I am sure I would even accept that, but I sure would like to know. No matter what the reason, an honest one is what I expect. I really never asked, to be honest.. and I wasnt really told. If I had to guess how many times we talked about you i'd say four, to be generous. The impression implied from my mom, is that my mother wasnt quite treated fairly.. actully even threatened. I dont know if I believe that, but I guess I cant put it aside. If thats how it was, fine, but why were you so threatened by it? I guess i'll let you explain and quit rambling on. :) I'd like to know about you, ya know. Jerry said he thought you were part indian.. funny as it sounds. But every time i asked my mom she was dead set you werent. I guess I could find out more from her but I doubt she feels comfortable talking about it. anyways..
Maybe you'd like to know about me... I'm almost 21, i will be 21 on december 10th. I'm persuing a career in computer networking. I've always liked computers, kinda nerdy but hey, thats where the future is. I think i have a job lined up this month with a friend of mine in the flint area.. hopefully it works out, I'm dieing to get out of the house. I dont really have a girlfriend right now but just by choice. I was with the same chic for almost, 4 years? She turned out to be a complete waste of my time, (i think), but my stupid ass still talks to her every day. When am i going to learn? :) I graduated from Arthur Hill high school in saginaw, which is where i live. My mom remarried a cool ass guy named Dennis, hes an electrician.. and hes got about a million and 2 cool hobbies. I wouldnt say we have 2 much in common but we get along ok. Definitely a nice guy to say the least, and very smart. :) I am definitely enjoying my life right now, everything is going ok. Except for i've had bad luck with my last 2 cars but thats my fault. I had a 1979 malibu when i turned 16.. Then i managed to get a sweeeet 1972 camaro when i was 17, awesome car! Then i drove a 95 s10, i traded the car for it almost straight up. I kinda smushed the truck driving to a friends in houghton lake, oops! So then i got another camaro, an 86, cool car but the motor just died. :( So i'm driving my sister brandi's old beretta until i start working with my friend. My parents definitely have money but they've been starting a business lately, so I got stuck with the beretta. :)
What about you, I understand you used to own the mobile home company down the road. That would explain why its called mr b's. :) How are all of your kids? I think i used to know some of their names but i forget. Are you married? What do you do for fun?
Hopefully you can figure out how to email me, hope your not too computer illiterate. :) Hope to hear from ya soon, stick to email though if you dont mind, my address is.......

heres a pic of me, last year.. i have alot more hair now, got tired of the whole bald thing.


Hope to hear from you soon.
William Edsall
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